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Create A New User In Debian / Ubuntu

To create a new user in Debian / Ubuntu you will need to be logged in as the root user. There are two options I will explain that you can choose from when creating a new user.

Creating A New User With The Command adduser

This is the command that is used when you want to add a user with a home directory. Below the user kk6jyt will be created with a home directory located at “/home/kk6jyt/”. Whenever the user logs in to the server, they will be placed into their home folder by default.

adduser kk6jyt

To remove the user is just as easy.

deluser kk6jyt

Creating A New User With The Command useradd

The command useradd predates adduser and it’s use is discouraged.

useradd kk6jyt

To remove the user the command is below.

userdel kk6jyt

Resources – Chapter 8 – Managing User Accounts

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