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Motorola Radius M120 Transceiver

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The Motorola Radius M120 transceiver is a very affordable radio. They are abundantly available on Ebay and many other websites. There are a few things that you need to look out for if you plan to purchase one of these transceivers.

16 Pin Accessory Plug – The first thing I look for is to make sure the transceiver has a 16 pin accessory plug in the back. Some of the Motorola Radius M120 transceivers only come with a 5 plug accessory plug. This is only important if you plan to connect anything to the transceiver (i.e. – repeater controller, IRLP, Allstar Link, etc.).

Motorola Radius 16 Pin Plug Image
Motorola Radius M120 with a 16-pin accessory plug

Input Voltage – 13.2 VDC
Power Output – (Varies)
Frequency Range – (Varies)
Tone Encoded Squelch () – Yes
Digital Private Line (DCS) – Yes

I found that programming the Motorola Radius M120 can be quite a challenge. The article linked in the previous sentence explains how to accomplish this task.

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  2. Steve Rossi
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    trying to find pinout of rj45 mike connector Motorola Radius M120


    • KK6JYT
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      I got the below information from this page ( Hopefully it is what you are looking for.

      1 – unused, but fed to the logic board *
      2 – unused, but fed to the logic board *
      3 – PL defeat (a.k.a. the mic hook switch)
      4 – ground
      5 – microphone audio in
      6 – PTT in (ground to transmit)
      7 – SCI+ (bidirectional programming lead – used by the RIB for programming the radio – leave this floating)
      8 – handset audio
      * only on the low band, high band and UHF radios… on 900 MHz radios the two unused pins never leave the front panel board.

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