Easily virtualize a dedicated server from Charter Hosting with Virtualizor.

Select your server.

The operating system of choice for Virtualizor is CentOS 6.x, but you can also use CentOS 5.x or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x / 6.x or Scientific Linux 5.x / 6.x or Ubuntu 12.04 (x86 or x86_64). The “yum” package must be installed as well.

During the checkout process, make sure to specify in the notes that you would like a custom partition setup. Here is the recommended partitioning setup.

/ – 20 GB+ #For the root partition containing all your dedicated servers operating system files.
SWAP – Double your server total RAM.
/vz – The remainder of the disk space.

yum update
yum install wget
wget -N http://files.virtualizor.com/install.sh
chmod 0755 install.sh
./install.sh email=your@email.com

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