I ordered the Jiesai Duplexer Model SGQ-450 as a backup for my Motorola T-1504A duplexer. I was quite impressed with the performance for the price. I purchased it on Ebay for $100.50. The seller tuned the duplexer to the frequencies that I requested.

Jiesai Duplexer SGQ-450 N Connectors Image

Jiesai Duplexer SGQ-450 N Connectors

The Jiesai duplexer is a six cavity design rated to handle up to 50 watts. It has a frequency range of 380-485 MHz and a bandwidth of ±500kHz. The insertion loss is equal to, or less than 1.0dB, and a VSWR of equal to, or less than 1.5:1. It comes with “N” connectors which is great considering that SO-239 connectors are horrible for UHF.

This is a great duplexer to start out with for your UHF repeater. But, I would not recommend this duplexer for a VHF repeater. The Jiesai Duplexer SGQ-450 cannot achieve the separation necessary for a standard US offset +600 kHz or -600 kHz.


You can find the Jiesai Duplexer on eBay.

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